Elise is a talented community builder with creativity and organizational skills that shine through in her projects. Her behind-the-scenes drive for excellence reveals itself in her work, with attendees able to remark on how professional, fun and enjoyable her events are for all involved.
— A.C.

A vendor is late? She has a back up. The wedding cake toppled over before the cutting? There’s another one on the way. Elise thinks of everything, so you can relax and enjoy your event.
— M.S.

Coordinator Genius.
— T.B.

Elise is simply fabulous. She is inclusive, engaging, generous, diligent and just fun to work with!
— J.D.

Elise is highly motivated individual that has compassionate foresight for the greater good. She uses her quiet, humbling force to bring together dialogue and awareness within the community. Elise is an excellent communicator and initiator for productive change.
— E.S.