What can I say? Thank you for being like ten strong women wrapped up into one! You did such an incredible job for us and gave us a truly perfect wedding. 
— A + M
Words cannot express our gratitude for Elise! We hired her as our wedding day-of coordinator but she was so much more. She grounded us through our planning process and provided essential planning tools, timelines, and held us accountable along the way. During the wedding itself, Elise went above and beyond. She not only made sure our wedding went perfectly smooth and on schedule, she also proactively shielded us from any hiccups or stressful encounters. She is extremely bright, organized, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Because of Elise our wedding was a dream come true.”
— B + M
Coordinator Genius.
— T.B.
I don’t even have the words. Elise made every part of our wedding better and easier. She asked all the questions we never knew we needed answers to, advocated for us when we needed it most and was always ready to let someone know when they weren’t living up to expectations. She helped us swap reception venues TWO WEEKS before our wedding day. She is a total badass. There’s so much more I can’t even list it all out. I don’t know what we would have done without her. For anyone still seeking a coordinator- you couldn’t do better than Elise.
— K + A
A vendor is late? She has a back up. The wedding cake toppled over before the cutting? There’s another one on the way. Elise thinks of everything, so you can relax and enjoy your event.
— M.S.
Elise is simply fabulous. She is inclusive, engaging, generous, diligent and just fun to work with!
— J.D.