what is a day-of coordinator? 

The reality of a Day-of Coordinator doesn’t really exist. It is impossible for me to just show up the day of your wedding and be able to carry out your plans perfectly, which is why I make myself available for advice from the moment you book until you go home at the end of your wedding as well as meet with you in-person in advance of your big day. I am the professional, experienced partner in your overall wedding vision. Furthermore, I make sure you don’t have to worry about anything the day of your wedding. I will work with you and the information you provide to come up with a master plan for your wedding day so you can enjoy your day and have the peace of mind that all the behind-the-scenes work will get done.

How many times do we meet?

Face to face, we meet once approximately 1 month prior to the event. I will also be available for a 1-hour rehearsal a day or two before the wedding. We can use that hour any way you want. Usually rehearsals take about 30 minutes and we run through it at least two times; I’m happy to go over any final details with you in person at that time as well. When scheduling your rehearsal, please let me know your preferred dates and times so I can make myself available (usually I will be unavailable Monday-Friday until after 5pm).

Is there a limit of how much we communicate?

Nope! Seriously. Text, call or email, I am here for you and will do my best to respond in a timely manner. Texting will usually get you the fastest response. I regularly get texts from brides at 11pm the week before the wedding - in fact, I expect it! That is what I am here for. 


Do you create my timeline?

I create a timeline from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed and anything in between.  I will have this to you in advance so you can distribute as you see fit. I will send necessary information to your vendors. We share all information in a shared Google Folder so things are kept up-to-date in real time. 

Do you connect with my vendors?

Yes! I do SO MUCH connecting with your vendors. You’re welcome to introduce me to them when you book them via email, and I also ask that you put all of their information into a spreadsheet I will provide you with via Google Drive. I reach out to them more formally a 4-6 weeks before the wedding. You can also cc or bcc me on your communications with your vendors if you want a second set of eyes.

Do you set up and tear down my decor?

Yes. In most cases I can manage whatever you’ve planned, including setting up centerpieces, place-cards, welcome table, gift table, and more. I usually can't or don't have time to set up florals but often that's not a problem because the florist is hired to take care of that.  There are rare instances (which we can determine early on) where I recognize the need for more hands-on-deck and we can plan accordingly.  

How do we keep track of what we're working on together?

First, I recommend setting up an email exclusively for your wedding. You can use this to communicate with me and all your vendors without clogging up your regular email inbox. To keep track of everything, I use Google Drive. This way we can share information and add to or make edits it in real time. If you’re into the idea of creating an email for wedding-related things, I suggest a gmail address so you have access to Google Drive. If you don’t have gmail and don’t want to get it, we can of course work out something that works well for you!